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A blog dedicated to brother/sister and father/daughter incest. I am posting my own stories here.I'm a 30 year old female with a seriousl brother/sister and father/daught kink. All asks are welcomed. My kik is MyKinkRocks

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“One from the old blog…


One from the old blog…


When a Father makes his baby in his Daughter’s belly he always wishes it’ll be a girl.

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Shared Bed by Elizabeth Garcia

The slamming of the front door could be heard all the way to the upstairs bathroom where I was sleepily brushing my teeth. Mom and dad must have left for work, that meant their big soft bed was free. Screw going to class today. It was my last semester before I transferred to a different college for my bachelors degree. Skipping once wouldn’t hurt. I was a good student.

Stopping in my room to take off my panties, I quickly walked to my parents room thinking about how wonderful it would be to get off on picturing my dad fucking me. The fantasy was always stronger when I laid on his side of the bed where the scent of his cologne was strongest.

I wordlessly slipped into their bed in only a long shirt, ignoring everything but the ache between my legs. I started with pinching my nipples through the thin cotton, making myself wetter with anticipation. When my hips started to rock slightly, I opened my legs, readying myself for my fingers.

My right leg hit something warm and solid. I froze.

“Hmmm, I thought you went to work baby.” It was my father’s voice. My world expanded beyond my dripping sex and I saw the back of his head next to me in bed. His hand reached back and rubbed my naked thigh. I ducked under the covers when I saw his head start to turn to look behind him. I was not going to screw up this golden opportunity.

Slowly, I felt his hand go up my leg and reached my wet pussy.

Complete and utter heaven.

“Kathy, you need something baby?”

He thought I was my mother. I didn’t care and kept silent but rocked my hips into him as his fingers lightly traveled up and down my dripping slit. The bed dipped when he rolled over into his back. Enough light was leaking through the covers for me to see that my father was naked and his cock was rising.

I couldn’t resist. I reached out and wrapped my hand around him.

His cock wasn’t very thick but as it har dened it had to be a good seven inches.

“You’re so wet honey.” He entered me with one finger and I could not stop the gasp that came to my lips. “Like that?”

I rocked my hips into his hand and finally moved my hand up and down his hard cock. He pulled his finger out after a few thrusts then pushed back in with two fingers. My hand sped up on him when his thumb found my clit as his fingers moved into me.

I couldn’t believe my father was finger fucking me to a quick orgasm.

“Oh you like this.” Even at this odd angle he increased the pressure of his thrusts until I tensed around his fingers and came., exploding around his fingers. I used my free hand to muffle my moans that could no longer be contained. His fingers didn’t stop their thrusting, prolonging my orgasm.

After the last shudder stopped and the thundering in my ears lessened, I removed my hand from my father’s hard cock and heard throug h his panting the disappointed moan he uttered at the loss of contact. Quickly, I took off my night shirt, leaving me completely naked and eager.

I was in no way finished with him.

IAs I shifted from his side to lay between his legs, his fingers left my pussy. I missed them inside me immediately.

“Kathy? You feel diff-” his words died on his lips as I licked him from balls to bulbous tip. Swirling my tongue around his head, I could taste the precum leaking out and it was amazing. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I silently wrapped my lips around his cock and took him into my wet and willing mouth.

“Fuck baby, you haven’t sucked me in so long.”

My mother hadn’t given dad head in a while huh. She had been missing out. He felt amazing in my mouth so I took more of him in while I rubbed up and down his tense thighs. As I started to bob my head up and down, sucking his hard cock I felt my dad lay a hand on the back of my head.

I moaned at the contact and pushed my aching pussy into the bed. He growled in disappointment when I took my mouth off him and only used a hand to jack him off. His hips jerked up as if trying to get his cock back into my mouth that instant.

The thought came that I should treat my dad.

Slowly, with my hands braced on his thighs to keep him still, I lowered my head, taking more and more of him until my nose hit his groin.

“Holy shit Kathy! When did you learn this?!” My dad bucked against my grip, his hips pushing more of himself into my mouth.

I pulled back to the tip, my lips never leaving his slick cock, then pushed him all the way back in again. I deep throated him again.

And again.

And again.

By now my father’s groans of pleasure were loud and his hips moved erratically. Pushing my hips into the bed wasn’t enough anymore and I moved up to straddle his hips while staying hidden under the covers. With his cock pushed up against his torso, his little bit of a stomach pushing out about an inch or so gave his cock a wonderful angle as it laid against him heavily.

I lowered myself against him and slowly slid my wet aching pussy up and down it’s length, stopping before the tip reached my hole. I wanted him inside me desperately, but not yet.

“Fuck,” I whimpered at the first touch of the head of his cock against my clit as I slid down his length.

My dad stilled his rocking hips at my utterance and finally threw off the covers.

“Claire?” My father’s face was shocked but his hands instantly found my hips, pushing down on them for me to grind on him harder.

“Hi dad,” I brought my own hands to my aching breasts, kneading them and pinching them roughly. “You feel so good on my pussy.”

It was like he suddenly he realised what he was doing and stopped moving.

“Oh god, this is wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Please don’t stop,” I was too far gone to care about the whine in my voice. “I need you.”

“But you’re my daughter-”

I ground my hips down on his cock, stopping him mid sentence.

“Please daddy, I need you.” I sounded much younger than my twenty years, but I was beyond caring. I needed to get off.

The look on my face must have given away how great my need was because his hands went back to my hips and he started moving again.

“Okay baby girl,” dad’s voice was soft as he spoke. “I’ll take care of you.”

Rocking my hips, I slid easily along his length, his hard cock rubbing my clit. Still I didn’t move to get him inside me, I didn’t want to push my dad too far too quickly, making him stop.

“I need to cum daddy.” I hadn’t called him daddy in years, but if the s peeding up of his hips and iron grip on my hips was any indication, he liked it. Taking his hands, I moved them from my hips to my breasts. My tits weren’t large but they were a big enough to be a handful for my dad. Immediately he pinched and played with my sensitive nipples, making me wetter than I thought I could be.

“I need to cum too honey.” I looked down at him and saw the lust in his eyes. All for me. “Did you like sucking on daddy’s cock?”

“Yes. You tasted wonderful.” He pinched my nipples hard. “I’m so close.” And I was. My orgasm was racing on me. I couldn’t stop from closing my eyes in pleasure.

“Cum sliding on daddy’s cock baby girl.” I felt a hand leave my breast and then two large fingers rub my clit.

My daddy as rubbing my clit. The man I had masterbated to for the last year after accidentally walking in on him in the bathroom and seeing his cock. Dad was touching me. Asking me to cum. Pushing his hip up against me while my moans grew in louder.

“Daddy… daddy…”

“Cum for be baby girl, cum for daddy.” He voice was soft and breathless, the exact opposite of his hard and rigid cock between us, both coaxing me to cum. It was working.

“Oh god yes!” I came hard thrusting my head back in ecstasy, my cum dripping down to soak my dad and cover his throbbing cock and balls. I felt him twitch against my pussy and his hips stop moving causing me to look down in time to see him shoot his hot load all over his stomach.

Breathing hard, and after both of us were done cumming and spasming, I bonelessly slid off my father to lay next to him in a naked, satisfied heap.

Sleep started tugging at me. Just as I was about to drift off, I felt my dad’s arms around me, his soft cock nestled between my ass cheeks. He must have wiped himself clean before turning into me.

Good. I had plans for him later. I drifted off to sleep.

““Ready big brother? I’m about to slide on to your big cock, just promise to pull out ok?”
He nodded his head with a smile, there was no way to resist blowing his full load of incestuous sperm in her fertile honeypot. He knew...


“Ready big brother? I’m about to slide on to your big cock, just promise to pull out ok?”

He nodded his head with a smile, there was no way to resist blowing his full load of incestuous sperm in her fertile honeypot. He knew he’d be giving her the first of many children today.

“Mmm…You like that don’t you, daddy? It’s okay. You can admit it now. I’m not going to judge you…not with your cock between my tits…


Mmm…You like that don’t you, daddy? It’s okay. You can admit it now. I’m not going to judge you…not with your cock between my tits…


The games that my brother and I play in the tub are way different than the ones we played when we were kids.

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I love finding a secluded spot on the beach where I can ride my brother’s cock until he paints my insides white.

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My brother knows all the buttons to push to make me cum hard.

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